microspaces santander, public space + playground  |  microspacios santander espacio publico y campo de juego


We consider a public space adapted both to the site as well as to the citizens, where people can meet, walk and experience a new and different urban feeling. We propose a city-scale ergonomic surface to promote leisure activities as well as greater relationships among its users. A surface with steps that allow visitors to sit and watch cultural and sporting events. A place which becomes a stage to promote coexistence among neighbours. A new warped surface with marks on it proposing various ways of using its different situations and games:  sliding, jumping, lying down and so on, which are now part of the new relationship with the ground.

competition date: 2009 | address: ladera norte del paseo de gral dávila. área 4 zae 2. santander, spain | client – developer: santander council | gross area: 650 m2 | images: zza

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