zigzag is a way of thinking and working based on the search for alternatives and side paths which promote simple solutions with a rich and a complex content; a process in which the pursuit of clarity and the power of ideas are crucial; ideas which attempt to respond to opportunities, context and place in a contemporary way. Trying to develop localized and specific answers instead of the more and more frequently globalized solutions. ZZa work has been shown in various exhibitions and architectural publications and has been awarded important prizes in ideas and built work competitions, most notably the recent 11th Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennial Award with their 131 social dwellings in Mieres.


2020_THIRD PRIZE. Competition for mortuary building in Sevilla. SAISA.

2019_FIRST PRIZE Ex-aequo. Social Housing Architecture Projects. Emvisesa Competition. Sevilla.

2019_HONOURABLE MENTION. Housing Project Competition. Aedas Homes. Bormujos, Sevilla. 

2018_THIRD PRIZE. Competition for three municipal libraries in Madrid. Ayuntamiento de Madrid.

2018_FIRST PRIZE. New Biomedical Science Building Competition. University Carlos III de Madrid.

2016_SECOND PRIZE. El Capricho Palace Museum Competition. Madrid.

2016_FINALIST. Siamoo, The Strange Case of a Siamese Stool . XIII BEAU Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism.

2014_COACAN SPECIAL AWARD. San Martin de la Mar Square. Ortega-Alloza Architecture Prize. COACAN.

2013_FINALIST. Mieres Social Housing. Triennale Architecture of Necessity. Virserum Art Museum. Sweden.

2013_FIRST PRIZE. Siamoo. The strange case of a siamese stool. AVP Imasoto Competition.

2012_FINALIST. Mieres Social Housing. Arquía Próxima Nuevos Formatos.

2012_HONOURABLE MENTION. Vip Room Design Competition ARCO Madrid.

2012_LONGLISTED TEAM. Wan 21×21 Awards.

2011_ARCHITECTURE AWARD. Mieres Social Housing. XI BEAU Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism.

2011_HIGHLY COMMENDED PROJECT. Mieres Social Housing. Ar+d Award for Emerging Architecture.London.

2011_PROGETTO SEGNALATO.Mieres Social Housing. Ugo Rivolta European Architecture Awards. Milano.

2011_FINALIST. Mieres Social Housing. V Enor Architecture Prize.

2011_HONOURABLE MENTION. Neanderthal Centre Competition. Asturias.

2010_RUNNER UP. Candela House. Asturias Architecture Prize. COAA.

2008_HONOURABLE MENTION. Hortaleza Sports Centre Competition. Madrid.

2007_FIRST PRIZE. Viva Project. International Housing Competition.

2006_FIRST PRIZE. Blason Social Housing. EMVS Housing Competition. Madrid.

2002_SECOND PRIZE. Foreigners Temporary Housing. SIKA Competition.


2019_Grounding strategies. EAT. UCLM. Toledo.

2018_Ground-notations en Alison y Peter Smithson. MPAA Lab#1 Práctica Crítica. ETSAM. Madrid.

2017_Symposium. A&PS: Ideas, Impact, Architecture. University of Bath.

2017_In | Materia. MDAi. UPM. Madrid.

2015_Siamoo, The Extrange Case of a Siamese Stool. Producto Fresco, Dimad, Matadero, Madrid.

2015_Digestiones copiosas. About transformative copying. ETSAM. Madrid.

2015_Transformad@s en ciudad. COACAN. Santander.

2015_I Congreso Internacional Diseño Dual. ESNE. Madrid.

2015_MPAA L4. ETSAM,  Madrid.

2014_Espacio Trapézio, Mercado de San Antón. Madrid.

2013_Master Madrid City. International Workshop in Architecture. Future – CEU, Madrid.

2012_III Foro Arquía Nuevos Formatos. A Coruña.

2012_MCH. Master of Collective Housing. ETSAM, Madrid.

2012_AR+d Awards for Emerging Architecture. RIBA, London.

2012_URJC. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid.  

2012_Architecture Award XI BEAU. Fundamentos de Arquitectura Moderna. ETSAM, Madrid.

2012_Universidad Camilo José Cela. Madrid.

2012_COACAN. Santander.

2011_Citying. IE University, Segovia.

2011_Architecture Award XI BEAU. Sala Arquerías de Nuevos Ministerios. Madrid.

2011_Architecture Award XI BEAU. Escuela de Arquitectura UAH. Alcalá de Henares, Madrid.

2011_F.A.Q_Visibilidad. Fundación COAM, Madrid.

2011_Architecture Award XI BEAU ETSA USJ, Zaragoza.

2011_Architecture Award XI BEAU. MPAA. ETSAM,  Madrid.

2009_UEM. Universidad Europea de Madrid.


2017_Concurso palacio El Capricho. COAM, Madrid

2017_Hinchables. La Galería. Madrid.

2015_Ortega-Alloza Architecture Prize . COACAN, Santander.

2015_Stockholm Furniture Fair. AVP Imasoto. Stockholm.

2015_Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2015 Milano   AVP Imasoto. Milano.

2015_Casa Decor. AVP Imasoto. Madrid.

2014_Madrid Seoul Architecture Exhibition. Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Seoul .

2014_Aprendiendo de las Cuencas   LABoral. Gijón.

2013_Architecture of Necessity. Virserum Art Museum. Sweden.

2013_35+ 1975-2010 Spanish Architecture. Fundación COAM. Madrid.

2012_Inhabiting the City. Green Social Festival. Bologna.

2012_Vers de Nouveaux Logements Sociaux 2. Cité de L’architecture & du Patrimoine, Paris.

2012_AR+d Awards for Emerging Architecture. RIBA. London.

2012_Vip Room Design Competition Arco Madrid   ARCO. IFEMA, Madrid.

2012_35+ 1975-2010 Spanish Architecture. Sala Arquerías de Nuevos Ministerios. Madrid.

2012_XI BEAU. Consejería Obras Públicas y Vivienda. Junta de Andalucía. Sevilla.

2012_XI BEAU. Sala Arquerías Nuevos Ministerios. Madrid.

2012_XI BEAU. Fundación Comillas. Cantabria.

2012_Madrid 100% Arquitectura II. Escuela de Arquitectura. URJC. Madrid.

2011_Madrid 100% Arquitectura II. Centre Méridional d´Architecture. Toulouse.

2011_Madrid 100% Arquitectura II. National Museum of Brasilia.

2011_La Mayacina, Mieres Singular Casa de la Cultura, Mieres. Asturias.

2010_Futuro en Pausa. IFEMA. Madrid.

2010_XX Premios Asturias de Arquitectura. COAA, Oviedo.

2010_Domestic Landscapes. ETSAM. Madrid.

2010_CRUDO 100%. Fundación COAM. Madrid

2008_Horizons. Madrid Social Housing 1981-2006. EMVS. Sala Exposiciones Plaza Colón. Madrid.

2008_Horizons. Madrid Social Housing 1981-2006. Aedes am Pfefferberg, Berlin.

2008_Horizons. Madrid Social Housing 1981-2006. RIBA. London.

2007_Proyecto VIVA. Vivienda de Vanguardia. Sala Arquerías de Nuevos Ministerios. Madrid.

publications | books & magazines

2018_Arquitectura nº 374/C. COAM. Madrid, Spain.

2016_Alternativa/es. Catálogo de la XIII BEAU. Spain.

2016_Vivienda Colectiva en España. 1992- 2015. Valencia, Spain.

2016_Arquitectura Española Contemporánea TA 19. Valencia, Spain.

2016_Arquitectura 372COAM. Madrid, Spain.

2016_Arquitectura Viva. nº184. Madrid, Spain.

2015_Arquitectura 371COAM. Madrid, Spain.

2015_Producto Fresco 2015. Catálogo Exposición. Dimad. Matadero Madrid.

2015_Proyectos y Metodologías de Diseño Dual. Esne. Madrid

2015_Domes International Review of Architecture. nº 07/14. Athens, Greece.

2014_Air Lab Cities. Architectural Design and Urban Planning. Ed. Rueda. Madrid, Spain.

2014_Aprendiendo de las Cuencas. Ed. Paraninfo. Madrid, Spain.

2013_El País. Suplemento S. Madrid, Spain

2013_Architecture of Necessity. Virserum Art Museum. Sweden.

2013_Dgens Nyheter. Architecture of Necessity. Sweden.

2013_III Premio Arquía Próxima 2012. Nuevos Formatos. Fundación Caja de Arquitectos. Barcelona, Spain.

2012_Vers de Nouveaux Logements Sociaux 2. Silvana Editoriale, Milano, Italy.

2012_Revista Future. nº 30/31. Madrid, Spain.

2012_La Vanguardia. Suplemento ‘Culturas’ 18.01.2012. “Crónica del futuro”. Barcelona, Spain.

2012_35+ Construyendo Democracia. 35 años de Arquitectura Española. Ministerio de Fomento. Madrid, Spain.

2012_a+t. Density Series. Density is home. a+t architecture publishers, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Álava. Spain.

2011_Surface.NY, EEUU.

2011_AR The Architectural Review 1378. Emerging Architecture special edition. London, UK.

2011_Arquitectura Viva. nº135. Madrid, Spain.

2011_AV Monografías. Anuario de Arquitectura España 2011. nº 147-148. Madrid, Spain.

2011_Diseño Interior. nº227. Madrid, Spain

2011_Pasajes de Arquitectura y Crítica. nº120. Madrid, Spain.

2011_Progettare. Architecttura città territorio. 05/2011. Milano, Italy

2011_AMC. HORS-SERIE. Le Moniteur. Logement. Paris, France.

2011_AD Architectural Digest. 06/2011. Madrid, Spain.

2011_Area Magazine. Condominium. Issue 118. London. UK.

2011_The Architectural Review 1370. London, UK.

2011_Summa+ nº120. Vivienda Colectiva. Aglomeración y Convivencia Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2011_XI BEAU. Fundación Caja de Arquitectos. Madrid, Spain.

2011_C3 nº 321.  Small Variations. Publishing Co. Seoul.

2011_Lotus nº 148. New Urban Housing II. Electa Architecture. Milano, Italy.

2011_V Premio de Arquitectura ENOR. Grupo Enor. Vigo, Spain.

2011_Cercha nº110. Madrid, Spain.

2011_NAN Arquitectura y Construcción. nº 59 Ene-Feb. Madrid, Spain.

2011_Promateriales. nº48. Madrid, Spain.

2011_ABC XL Semanal 15.05.2011. “Arquitectura con futuro”. Madrid, Spain.

2011_El País. 24.05.2011. “La hora del arquitecto joven y la vivienda útil” Madrid, Spain.

2011_La Vanguardia. 05.2011. “De lo icónico a lo austero. Premios XI BEAU”. Barcelona, Spain.

2011_Madrid 100% Arquitectura II. EA! COAM. Madrid, Spain.

2011_XX Premios Asturias de Arquitectura. COAA, Asturias, Spain.

2011_Low Tech Architecture. Ed. Monsa. Barcelona, Spain.

2010_Arquitectura Viva. nº132. Madrid, Spain.

2010_Panorama Architecture Newspaper nº5. Madrid, Spain.

2010_El Diario Montañés. 10.05.2010. “La Casa Montaña, Premiada”. Santander, Spain.

2010_La Nueva España. 14.04.2010. Oviedo, Spain.

2010_El Comercio. 11.05.2010. Oviedo, Spain.

2010_Casa Viva nº162. Madrid, Spain.

2010_Great Wisdom in Small Space. ThinkArchit Studio. Huazhong University.  Wuham City. China.

2009_La Nueva España. 26.06.2009. Oviedo,

2008_El Comercio.  29.07.2008. Oviedo, Spain.

2007_AV proyectos nº 17. Madrid, Spain.

2007_Horizons. Madrid Social Housing 1981-2006. EMVS y AEDES. Madrid – Berlin.

2007_El Cultural. El Mundo. 10.05.2007. Madrid. Spain.

2006_El Cultural. El Mundo. 28.12.2006. “Los hitos arquitectónicos de 2006. Lo mejor del año” Madrid, Spain.


publications | online media

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David Casino graduated in architecture and Master in Advanced Architectural Design from Polytechnic University, ETSA Madrid. He is a lecturer in Architectural Projects at Polytechnic University, ETSA Madrid and at Universidad Europea de Madrid, UEM. Founding partner of ZZa.

Bernardo Angelini graduated in architecture and Master in Advanced Architectural Design from Polytechnic University, ETSA Madrid. He is a lecturer in Architectural Projects at Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid and lecturer in Project Design in Historical Centres and Heritage at UPSAM, Pontificia Salamanca- Madrid  University. Founding partner of ZZa.


Alejandro García González | Clara Buenadicha | Raul Lázaro |  André Albuquerque |  Pedro Magro |  Joana Martins | Clara Casino |  Bertha Malatesta

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Diana Jusdado

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