An old industrial space with overhead lighting, a hidden garden, a staircase for conversation, the muffled noises of the street and the murmurs of the neighborhood courtyard, the domestic, hidden, and almost secret landscape allude to the passages that Benjamin simultaneously linked to memory, wandering and surprise. The project aims to work by recreating spaces and situations that the traditional city treasures and that are in danger of being lost. The passage, the garden, the gallery, the diagonal view of the courtyards, the lattice, and even the echoes of an industrial past, are understood as a non-mimetic reinterpretation of traditional elements of the city, more versatile and complex than modern alternatives. Memory and creation operate together as vectors of transformation.


competition date: 2022 | address: plaza españa 8, madrid | client – developer: mutua madrileña | gross area: 4.526 m2 | architects: bernardo angelini, david casino, luis díaz-mauriño | quantity surveyor: josé ramón pérez | collaborators: silvia fernández  | structure consultant: bernabéu ingenieros | facilities consultant: úrculo ingenieros | images: drama, zza+ldm


concurso restringido rehabilitación edificio plaza españa 8, madrid  finalist  

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