intermediae matadero madrid.  naves 8 y 9 

Our project starts out from the premise of respect for the heritage of buildings number 8 and 9 in the old Matadero Madrid. We believe in a project which will maintain and appreciate the “genius loci” of the place. A place full of suggestions due to the openness of the many possibilities it offers.
We start out from the morphology and geometry of the old building, its modulation, its luminous qualities, its energetic potential and its space limitations. We seek new spatial situations and better adaption to the new uses which arise, creating visual connections and relationships among the different areas of each of the buildings. We consider operations by which the space is lifted and hollowed to allow “breathing”. We propose a SNORKELING operation.

competition date: 2008 | address: paseo de la chopera, madrid | client – developer: matadero madrid | gross area: 20.000 m2 | budget: 9.000.000 e  | photography: zza

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