Madrid as a natural landscape. Our proposal contains ingredients which already exist:: a void space and a place from which to rise and see the landscape. We propose to capture this void and delimit it with a skin which allows the perception of the sun and the air, as well as the sensations of the place, forming at the same time a protective skin. The system permits us to rise above the ground and see the skyline of the city. Madrid turns into the natural landscape and our project becomes the artifice that makes you perceive it.
The mountain as an artificial landscape. Entering our building is like going on a walk among natural and artificial trees: a latticework used as an outer skin to filter the outside resembling  trees in a forest.

competition date: 2008 | address: hortaleza. madrid | client – developer: madrid council | gross area: 22.000 m2 | budget: 25.000.000 e  |  | collaborators:  diana jusdado | photography: zza


hortaleza sports centre competition. madrid. 2008: honourable mention

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