social dwellings in c/Gravina, Madrid

A limit situation defines the site location of the project. It is a residual plot with extraordinarily long and narrow proportions, situated extremely close to the opposite block. We propose a “stenosis” operation which consists in the production of lateral thrusts in the volume which generate gaps to obtain greater distances from the opposite facade. The building responds to two very different urban situations: The facade which faces Gravina, the narrow street, is defined by a foreshortened view. Windows controlled by folding shutters are used as side gills to allow breathing. On the facade looking towards Hortaleza, a wider and more important street, we suggest a more visible operation based on large holes with a clear and frontal view. A vantage point to the sky and the skyline of Madrid is designed on the roof.

competition date: 2006 | address: c/ gravina, madrid | client – developer: emvs | gross area: 725 m2 | units: 10 dwellings | budget: 650.000 e | photography: zza

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