A family meeting place. The starting point was the need for a house large enough for the variable and regular meeting of a family composed of 6 subfamilies, with a total of 10 adults and 8 children. The idea was to create a family shelter, a place to meet and escape from urban life, with a low budget and the scarce construction resources available in a relatively isolated location.

The place / an eyed mountain. The plot is located in an area surrounded by mountains, Aballe Dego, close to the River Sella. The place suggested the idea of a mountain, hollowed inside, with eyes strategically arranged to capture the surrounding landscape, introducing it into the rooms of the house and avoiding direct views into the homes of the nearest neighbours.

project date: 2007-2009 | address: soto de dego , parres, asturias | client – developer: private | gross area: 297 m2 | units: 1 dwelling | budget: 220.000 e | quantity surveyor: salvador lópez | structure consultant: jesús crespo | construction company: r.cerdeira | photography: zza


asturias architecture prize. coaa. 2010  runner up  |  xi beau spanish biennial of architecture and urbanism. spain, 2011  selected project

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