social dwellings in C/ Blasón 20, carabanchel  | viviendas protegidas en la c/blasón, carabanchel

The plot for this project is located on the eastern boundary of the Historic Centre of Carabanchel. With the passage of time this piece of land has become a natural extension of the adjoining park. It therefore presents two faces: an urban one linked to Blasón Street and another one directly in contact with the park.

We suggest an operation of continuity with the park, surrounding the building with a tapestry which makes it appear closed towards the city and open towards the park, the vegetation and the best views.

Four bands of equal width generate the volume of the building, adapting it to the different kinds of apartments that it hosts.

competition date: 2006 | address: c/ blasón 20, carabanchel, madrid | client – developer: emvs (empresa municipal de vivienda y suelo de madrid)| gross area: 350 m2 | units: 4 dwellings | budget: 310.000 e | quantity surveyor: alberto lópez | structure consultant: jesús crespo | facilities consultants: atei ingenieros | photography: zza


blasón 20 emvs architectural housing competition. 2006:  first prize 

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