The intervention focuses on the rehabilitation of the main building, preserving its volume, exterior configuration, and determined characters. The main objective of the intervention is to update the interior space in order to improve its habitability conditions. It is also proposed rehabilitation of the rear part of the plot, based on the reorganization and adaptation of the existing buildings to adapt to the use of housing. This rear building rearrangement aims to produce a more compact and efficient volume, respecting the footprint of the existing and dialoguing with the boundaries of the site and the morphology of the neighboring buildings. In order to minimize the volumetric impact of the intervention, it is proposed to reduce the height of the rehabilitated space as much as possible. To this end, the project proposes the adaptation of the existing buildings to the slope of the terrain, emphasizing the independence of both constructions by disconnecting their roofs.


project date: 2020-2023 | address: santiago de compostela | client – developer: OXI | gross area: 557 m2 | quantity surveyor: alberto lópez | collaborators: silvia fernández | structure consultant: bernabéu ingenieros, precom | facilities consultants: magaral ingenieros

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