Asturias Neanderthal Centre  |  Centro del Neandertal en Asturias

We worked on the original volume, carving it as if it were a primitive instrument, eliminating chips to obtain an object capable of responding to the required parameters of illumination, height and shape. Thinking about “dwelling in the cave” we raised the building as a half-buried object In order to harness the energy of the earth, making it more sustainable and integrated with the landscape. The fact that you have to descend to enter the building is intended as a ritual and a journey to the centre of the earth and to our prehistory. Its accessible roof is a way to return the space stolen from the place and proposes a rocky vantage point from which to dominate the landscape.

competition date: 2010  |  address: piloña. asturias  |  client – developer: consejería de cultura, principado de asturias  |  gross area: 2.400 m2  |  budget: 3.800.000 euros  |  photography: zza


asturias neanderthal centre architectural competition 2010:  finalist-honourable mention  

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