Placid  Space Nº1, a peaceful tiny portable room

Any cat-owner will rightly tell you that cats inhabit houses much better than people do. Even in the most dreadfully square spaces, they know how to find favourable corners.“(‘Placid small thought No. 1’ by Georges Perec in Species of Spaces)

0.36 m3 room is a experiment about extreme minimum space and proxemics. It is a movement cartography materialized in a tiny portable corner, a small room, almost ergonomic, of only 0.36 m3. Configured by extremely thin walls, it coincides with the capacity of movement liable to take place within them. An intimate and private enclosure to live in the mass.  A place sheltered from prying eyes and protected from invasions. A pocket-sized atmosphere all of its own. Nobody shall invade my space. Nobody shall enter my room.  (Placid small space Nº 1 . Poliethilene, air and a recicled CPU fan, by  B. Angelini, ZZA  2012)

project date: 2012 | address: portable | client – developer: selfproduction | volume: 0,36 m3 | units: 1  | budget: 1 e | photography: zza

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